Sanders Smear Day

(First off, shout out to Shane Ryan at Paste for writing up this issue already today; I’m hoping to do so in a way that documents a lot of the actual evidence provided as to why these stories are bullshit and not to be taken seriously.)

Monday featured no less than four publications– the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Atlantic, and The Economist— launching hit jobs on Bernie Sanders. (Actually, The Economist was on Sunday, but it was so egregious in just the headline’s falsehoods and accompanying anti-semitic caricature that I just had to include it.)

It’s weird how often the media engages in anti-semitic caricatures of Bernie Sanders, isn’t it?

(Oh, wait, that first picture in the last tweet isn’t from the media– it’s from a t-shirt for sale at the Democratic National Convention in 2016. You may have to click through to see the grotesque caricature.)

And while we’re hitting up the appetizers, let’s look at Chris Matthews bullshitting for MSNBC:

Now, our main courses for Monday. First up, the Washington Post‘s latest smear attempt on Sanders is done by their chief Bernie hater, noted racist neocon Jennifer Rubin. I’ll let these tweets speak for themselves on what kind of a person Rubin really is.

Not to be outdone in the “Iraq War cheerleaders who are lifelong Republicans but have been embraced by the Hashtag Resistance” department, The Atlantic fired up a vicious hit job from Mr. Axis of Evil himself, David Frum.

Frum, as we all know, was in an official capacity as cheerleader for the Iraq War as George W. Bush’s speechwriter. Maybe that explains his fetish for war metaphors, as well as his complete inability to learn anything from the last 75 years of warfare. But his tepid opposition to Donald Trump’s aesthetic has made him a hero of the Hashtag Resistance.

Did you also know he’s proudly white nationalist? Sure, maybe not in the overt, screaming way of a Richard Spencer or a Stephen Miller, but he really believes in America as a white country.

I’m selling Frum short saying he’s been unable to learn any lessons from disastrous wars, including ones he caused. He hasn’t really learned anything from anything.

The real thing we can learn from Frum is what a narcissistic sociopath he is.

The king of today’s stories, though, is the New York Times, which needed three reporters to write a story about “Bernie’s Internet Army.” First off, let’s clear out the vapidity and lack of interest in objective fact (oddly common in our political media) which characterizes this sort of piece:

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time we put our foot down on this bullshit narrative. Here are some of the insulting, demanding, sexist, racist, vicious and vile comments Bernie supporters have received over the years, including people trying to (and sometimes succeeding) in getting people fired, or liberal media outlets firing them for being critical of Sanders or not supporting the war machine. (Of course, we’ve documented plenty of instances of racism, sexism, and other abusive behavior directed at Sanders, his team, and his supporters– not just from Twitter randos, but Dem operatives and media types.)


Tanden is, of course, lying, par for the course for someone “fiercely loyal to Hillary,” and who outed a sexual harassment victim at CAP, assaulted a journalist at ThinkProgress (coincidentally, who is now Sanders’ campaign manager), and disbanded ThinkProgress when they unionized.

Now let’s focus on one person in particular, since she was interviewed for the NYT article. Here are some examples of the absolutely vile behavior of Candice Aiston, an estate lawyer (class interests) so devoted to Hillary Clinton she photoshopped Hillary’s face onto her own as her Twitter avatar.


Yep, the NYT is so desperate to find people to bash Sanders they’ll promote an open racist who mocks and picks fights with sexual assault survivors to advance her narrative, as well as other similarly vile people.

We covered Aiston already, so: If you don’t know who Sady Doyle is, this is a good start! Beyond being a transphobe, she’s also fond of trying to get people fired for supporting Bernie Sanders and claimed that him running for president is an attack on her mental health, the kind of claim that should disqualify anyone from being taken seriously as a commentator. She’s a serial liar, stalker, and harasser:

And Imani Gandy is most famous for getting rich off the financial crisis as a foreclosure lawyer and her claim that she “didn’t give a fuck about drones,” which is about right for how rich liberals view the lives of POC in foreign countries.

Truly disgusting, but we shouldn’t be surprised by now; the only real surprise might be how desperate and open they are about it, and even that was bound to happen as it started to dawn on the political establishment that Bernie could actually win.

A few closing thoughts. One is how the desperately flailing anti-Sanders brigade continually holds contradictory arguments against him at the same time:

Where have I seen that before? Umberto Eco and “Ur-Fascism,” perhaps? Number 8?

Another is about what this is really all about:

And the other underlines just how thin-skinned Sanders bashers are:

Maybe in a day or two I’ll try to cover the DNC’s attempted skullduggery. Or the bad faith criticism of Biden/Warren supporters over the Joe Rogan endorsement. Or the weird obsession anti-Sanders media personalities have with comparing everything in politics to high school social dynamics. Or some of the other ghouls the Hashtag Resistance is boosting in their anti-Bernie crusade, including a former writer for Breitbart. So much mendacity, so little time…