More anti-semitism against Bernie Sanders the Democrats are staying silent on (with bonus neocon warmongering)

You may have seen it by now, but on Friday Politico ran a “Where does Bernie Sanders get his millions?” story. That story not only involved a dishonest framing of the question, but also was rife with anti-semitic stereotypes: Not only did they photoshop Sanders in front of houses that aren’t his and with a literal money tree, they also referred to him as “cheap” in at least one of the tweets boosting the article.

I say “one of” because, for some reason, Politico decided this article was worth tweeting at least thirty-seven times.

A couple of Democrats pushed back on it. And of course, the awesome people working on Bernie’s campaign did too.

Weirdly, no mainstream Democrats did. Certainly no one who thought Ilhan Omar was “invoking anti-Semitic tropes” had anything to say about that. (Then again, can we really be surprised? It’s sort of a “some of those who run forces / are the same that burn crosses” situation.)

If you want to know why Politico would do this, this brief thread summarizes it pretty well:

(The bonus thread at the end there is pretty interesting, too, for a look into how Politico covered the question of Hillary Clinton’s millions much differently.)

In a late-breaking update, The Hill joined in on the fun:

We’ve got a little bonus for you, too. We already know our worst domestic-capitalist monsters hate Bernie Sanders; now let’s check in on our worst imperialist-capitalist monsters:

We’ve got Bill Kristol, an unrepentant warmonger who still doesn’t think he was wrong about Iraq, let alone any of the other campaigns of slaughter for profit he’s advocated, declaring that holding him accountable to reflect on his mistakes and how many people they killed is “quasi-Stalinist.” Joining him is Jennifer Rubin, neoconservative whose tepid nevertrumpism manifests itself in writing at least three slam pieces a week about Bernie Sanders for the Washington Post.

Look, for all you can criticize about Bernie Sanders– and there is a lot– the single strongest case for him as president is this: All the worst people in America, all the people who have supported every horrific and inhumane policy decision both foreign and domestic, all the people who have gotten rich off soaking the world with the blood of innocents, absolutely hate and fear him.

And it’s about time those people had the fear put into them.

P.S. Let’s check back in with everyone’s favorite divorced-dad speed-freak, Eric Garland!