Nothing is inevitable. Nothing is impossible.

It was easy to think Bernie Sanders’ nomination for president was inevitable after he crushed Nevada, considering what he was projected to do after that, and how fractured the rest of the

South Carolina reminded us that nothing is inevitable.

It’s easy to think that over the last 48 hours, when several candidates drop out and the Democratic establishment decided to coalesce behind Joe Biden– with Elizabeth Warren running to trim delegates from Bernie and Michael Bloomberg doing, as he always has, whatever the hell he wants– that Biden’s win will be inevitable, that the Party has figured out what they need to do to keep Sanders from getting a majority of delegates and thus installing Biden on the second ballot.

Nothing is inevitable.

Nothing is impossible.

More than ever we’ve got to keep fighting, keep organizing, keep calling and texting and canvassing. More than ever.

I’m keeping this short because I’m going to do that now.