Looking ahead at BARRY’s season finale

Tonight, a much-anticipated season finale airs on HBO. I’m talking, of course, about Barry, which kicked things to an irrevocable place last week.

Fuches decides to burn down Barry’s life by not only tracking down Moss’ body, but leading Gene to it– then calling the cops and giving a fake confession as Gene. That can’t possibly stand– it would not be difficult for Gene to tell them about the private investigator who led him there, I imagine– but it’s going to cause Barry enough problems that I have a hard time seeing him getting out of this season without killing Fuches.

Especially since the stakes in Barry’s new ordinary life have been raised– Sally is getting leading-role TV offers; Barry has been asked to read for a part in a feature film– he has even more to lose than he did when he killed Moss.

What do you think of the season so far? What will happen to all our characters? What will happen to NoHo Hank, seemingly marginalized in his own gang now (in part because of how Barry has trained the rest of the Chechens)? Will Fuches make it out alive? Will Gene? Will Barry’s acting career?

“berkman>block” airs at 10:22 PM EDT, immediately following the Game of Thrones finale.