Is this the end for A.P. Bio?

Having fallen a couple of articles behind, last week I decided I’d write up the last three episodes of A.P. Bio all at once.

Except then, NBC’s schedule listed a two-episode block of Superstore. Uh-oh.

It happened again tonight, which worries me that A.P. Bio was pulled from the schedule after airing only nine of its (I believe) thirteen episodes. Rumor is that A.P. Bio is one of NBC’s lowest-rated sitcoms and is thoroughly on the renewal bubble. Hopefully they’re not pulling it altogether and are planning to give it one last boost of publicity to see if it can land a bigger audience these last few episodes.

The last two episodes were quite good, as well. First, “Sweet Low Road” involves everyone trying to save the school from budget cuts; while this leads to a brilliant sequence where the school’s jazz band (naturally involving most of our class) tries to save their Pops concert with what is, uh, I might call an astonishingly risqué promotional video, it’s Jack who saves the day by blackmailing the superintendent, though he sweetly lets everyone else take credit for saving the school with their efforts. Then, “Dr. Whoopsie” has Jack go viral for a video of a pratfall during a talk he gives to the school. He tries to then engineer another viral moment by rescuing gone-rebel-for-a-day Victor from the sewers, only to actually lose Victor in the sewers, which leads to some great moments and a genuine heart-to-heart between the two of them, plus a hilarious tag when the kids try to stick up for Jack to the news crew.

I hope this isn’t the end of A.P. Bio, but I suppose that remains to be seen.

Anyone have any thoughts on these most recent episodes? Hopes for renewal? What you’d like to see in the future of the show? Any ideas for petitioning NBC?