Sunday Special: The Media Is Outright Lying For Joe Biden

First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight you, then you win.

Yesterday we covered Joy Reid having a junk science expert on her show to launch anti-semitic smears at Bernie Sanders. This was the culmination of a week in which the Warren campaign coordinated with CNN to leak a Sanders smear (an implausible one– Sanders told Warren a woman couldn’t win, and they stayed friends for over a year and it only came out right before the debate?), and white liberal feminists weaponized the language of #MeToo and sexual assault survivors to insist Warren must be telling the truth because she’s a woman.

(Meanwhile, Joe Biden says it and the mass media doesn’t say much of anything– certainly CNN and MSNBC don’t run multiple segments on it.)

Well, now, the Sanders camp has decided to take on Joe Biden’s long record of wanting to cut Social Security– something both unpopular and morally objectionable– and Biden is just trying to flat-out lie his way through it, including a lie that the Bernie Sanders camp “doctored video” of his speeches. And the media is obliging him.

Let’s look at the truth.



But wait, you say– I have fact checkers!

Now, how did the “fact checkers” determine this claim was false? Let’s look at their methodology.

We sent Biden’s speech to Marc Goldwein, senior vice president for the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

“The 2018 speech is very clearly Biden saying the opposite of what the Sanders campaign is claiming. He’s saying that Paul Ryan is going to cut taxes so that he can complain about the deficit and demand a need to cut Social Security.”

The “Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget”, eh? Well, we already know from experience that “budget” hawks love cutting “entitlements” while tax cuts and military spending expands evermore, but let’s get it in their own words.

Social Security spending and revenue must be brought in line to prevent insolvency. However, a thoughtful Social Security reform plan should go beyond simply assuring actuarial soundness by also improving retirement security and economic growth. In particular, Social Security reform should increase national income by promoting work, investment, and fiscal sustainability.

Everyone reading this knows what “reform” means, right? This isn’t even an old position of theirs (though it’s a long-held one); that paper was published in September.

That’s right: The “fact checkers” at Politifact took a claim from the Sanders campaign about Joe Biden wanting to cut Social Security, and instead of looking at the video evidence of Joe Biden wanting to cut Social Security, asked a spokesperson from an agency that wants to cut Social Security if Sanders’ camp was lying. And Glenn Kessler, the Washington Post “fact checker” who has repeatedly “checked” Bernie Sanders statements as false for specious reasons, boosted it. (It’s no coincidence, of course, that Glenn Kessler is literally an heir to the Royal Dutch Shell oil company.)

Fortunately, this is line of attack is already getting some pushback in certain parts of the media.

Let’s also flashback to another Biden moment that the media inexplicably dismissed– a very revealing moment of how Biden will handle criticism and attacks on the campaign trail (and you’d have to be kidding yourself to think that if Democrats agree not to make those criticisms, Trump won’t):

There was going to be a second part to this article about how a Bloomberg reporter published a bogus transcript of a Sanders interview that completely changed the words he said and twisted their meaning, but the reporter already deleted it after being called out repeatedly. Here’s a brief addendum with summary of the situation instead.

It’s a good time to remember that the Sanders-bashers don’t actually care about racism and sexism except as a cudgel to attack him. (That topic has been covered several times here recently already.)

Keep organizing and combating disinformation; the mass media can’t control the narrative in the way they used to in the past. On that note, here’s a flashback to 16 years ago, in the pre-social media era, when the media was still able to do just that: