An update on the racism and sexism of Bernie Bros

Does anyone remember when John Kerry’s staffers spent their time in 2007 sniping at Howard Dean and the people who publicly supported him, especially women, especially black women?

Yeah, me neither.

Anyway, let’s check in on what the Hillary-loyal think tankers, Democratic Party staffers, and media personalities, the ones who worked directly with Hillary, her campaign, or with David Brock’s poisonous troll farm, the same people who were accusing the entire Bernie Sanders campaign of being racist and sexist because some Twitter user with 30 followers was mean to them once, are saying to women who support Sanders, especially black women.

Let’s start with the famous Neera Tanden, head of the Center for American Progress, the person who was revealed by the New York Times to be both part of a cabal of Democratic insiders meeting to form an anyone-but-Sanders plan and someone who gets paid $397,000 a year mostly to be deeply loyal to Hillary Clinton and tweet late at night; the person whose job it is to not care about shady anonymous funding for her think tank (some of which comes from the United Arab Emirates) or to not care if CAP donates to right-wing Republican think tanks, who makes monstrous suggestions like that Libya should “repay” us for turning their country into an open-air slave market with their oil, who outed a sexual harassment victim at CAP, and who assaulted a ThinkProgress reporter for writing an unfavorable story about Hillary Clinton (see second link).

Weird, I guess she forgot her own tweet:

Adam Parkhomenko, former DNC National Field Director, formerly featured in this space for being a huge anti-semite as well as a weirdo who’s been obsessed with Hillary Clinton his entire adult life, decided to add “being a disgusting sexist pig” to his resumé. Apparently he was so proud of his misogyny he had to retweet it:

Claude Taylor, #Resistance grifter and unrepentant sexist:

The great Nina Turner, as she might, was not having this bullshit and so stood up to Tanden, which of course made her the target of more racist, sexist abuse by the anti-Bernie Hillary Cultists Who Are The Wokest Wokes To Ever Woke.

Here’s Armando Llorens, one of the top writers and editors at Daily Kos, the liberal blog run by ex-CIA, ex-Republican (he worked on Henry “of the anti-abortion Hyde Amendment” Hyde’s campaign) Markos Moulitsas, he who is a multimillionaire part owner of Vox, who runs Netroots Nation, who send 25,000 roses to Nancy Pelosi, and regularly engages in glee at the suffering of the poor. Anyway, here’s Armando being astonishingly racist and sexist toward Nina Turner. To Kos’ credit, they fired him for this; you can’t really excuse something this disgusting.

Zerlina Maxwell, formerly featured in this space for her connection to the poisonous David Brock, apparently is getting paid enough that she’s willing to take nasty shots at Susan Sarandon’s dog:

Soledad O’Brien, who hasn’t been on TV in six years but is married to a multimillionaire high financier, apparently is willing to use racist and sexist stereotypes of an angry, unstable black woman, because she thinks she can shame Nina Turner into not standing up for herself (obviously she doesn’t know Nina Turner):

Here’s Jess McIntosh, Zerlina Maxwell’s cohort in the poisonous David Brock’s SiriusXM/Shareblue partnership, summed up by someone better than I could:

These are just a few examples, but you get the point. In liberal anti-Bernie world, apparently you can berate and abuse Sanders supporters all you want, but if they stand up for themselves, they’re being abusive.

Isn’t it weird how the same people who rant about “racist and sexist Bernie Bros” choose women, in particular black women, to be the targets for their ire?

Let’s also consider this: Nobody blaming Susan Sarandon for the 2016 election thinks she really had a major influence on the outcome. If they did, they would be trying to cater to her rather than berate her. (And if they do really think she has a major influence on the outcome, they should be sent as far away as possible from politics.) They don’t really believe it, but three years after the election, they are continuing to refuse any introspection, to ask themselves how they missed all the obvious signs they were making mistakes in foresight (let alone hindsight), and they need a scapegoat– an Emmanuel Goldstein for their Two Minutes Hate, if you will. They choose Sarandon because she’s a class traitor: She’s a rich white woman, and Hillary is supposed to be Goddess of Feminism and Patron Saint of Rich White Women, so how could Sarandon dare to vote for anyone else? (Very telling– and of course, very sexist– that, for example, Viggo Mortensen was just as vocal in his Sanders support and eventual vote for Jill Stein, yet she is the only one who receives the hatred of the Bury Me With Her crowd.)

Of course, Sarandon has responded with nothing but grace and class to these vile, petty attacks on her character and her appearance.

This tweet, I think, gets to why liberals revile her specifically:

A very important part of the liberal worldview is the idea that they are the most woke and virtuous people possible, and therefore anyone even one degree to the left of them is some sort of aberration, obviously someone who’s performatively self-righteous and doesn’t actually care about the issues at all (talk about projection), and must be destroyed. (“I’ll send all the money you ask for, just don’t ask me to come along…“)

All that said, we’re getting to the point where some of these people seem like they might be a genuine danger to Bernie Sanders. Dane Weeks, formerly featured in this series, most famous for his obsessive love of Hillary Clinton and rampant anti-semitism, friend of Hillary, Neera Tanden, Donna Brazile, and many others, has taken to the road to elevate his pathological hatred of Bernie Sanders to “time to call the feds” level:

Anyway, even though I’m just preaching to the choir at this point, I hope what you take away from this is that all the attacks from the Clinton camp toward Bernie Sanders and his supporters are absolutely in bad faith. They were simply weaponizing anything and everything at their disposal in order to hold onto power and discredit and defeat Sanders, and now that they have no more elections to lose, the mask is fully off as to what nasty, soulless people these are. (One thing that really pisses them off about people like Turner and Gray is that they aren’t simply going to take all their attacks and character assassinations in good faith anymore– they punch back, and bullies hate it when someone punches back.)

Hillary Clinton’s camp is full of bitter, petty sycophants with no skills other than the ability to plant and maintain their lips firmly suctioned to Hillary’s ass, and they’re lashing out because they were denied the jobs in the White House they felt they deserved despite having no qualifications for those jobs, despite the fact that they had the easiest election in history to win and completely blew it in a fashion that was really obvious at the time. Every time they speak, I get a little happier that their mean, small-minded cabal of ambitious, entitled Keystone Kops was kept out of power.

Some final links: Here’s Krystal Ball, ex-MSNBC reporter, detailing the latest fight Tanden picked with someone over her own petty bitterness:

If you want some more inside information on how MSNBC (and other “liberal” mass media outlets) manufactures anti-Sanders consent, Ball is a great place for insight, detailing her own experiences working at the network in this video. (I won’t write a full article about it because others have done it better than I.)

Don’t forget, all these trolls are coordinated. They’re all friends in the same rich-sycophants-for-pay club.

And definitely don’t forget, every time one of these Clinton acolytes wants to blame Sanders or his supporters for Donald Trump, that the Clintons literally encouraged him to run and used their friendly media connections to boost his profile— to the point that they felt so sure about beating him, Politico ran an article the day before the election titled “They Always Wanted Trump.” They were so sure they were going to win, that the same people they blame now for losing, they told they didn’t want our vote:

I’ve had it, myself. These people are obviously not operating in good faith and should not be treated as if they are. Don’t feel bad for standing up for yourself. These bullies want to steamroll you. Don’t let them.