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Here’s your rundown of Leftorium articles this week.

Today’s off-topic thread: What’s a Piece of Pop Culture that Grew On You?

A repost from me to commemorate the new season premiere of F Is For FamilyCome And Get Your Love: F IS FOR FAMILY and the value of empathy

And a brief story about Hakeem Jeffries being pushed to defeat Barbara Lee for House Caucus Chair: The Racist, Sexist Dudebros of the Democratic Party are at it again

And other stories in the political and political-like world:

Cindy Hyde-Smith is elected in Mississippi, proving once again that nobody is too racist for Republicans and that Republican-controlled states are really good at voter suppression.

Laura Loomer handcuffs herself to the doors of Twitter’s New York City offices, demanding her account be reinstated. I don’t even know how to describe this story because it’s hilarious from so many facets. I just recommend searching Twitter.

CNN fired Marc Lamont Hill because he gave a speech where he stood up for the rights of Palestinians. And of course in America, criticizing Israel is verboten (they’re even trying to criminalize it, you know). Free speech only extends to the point you take a stance opposed to the imperial state.

Chuck Schumer, the guy whose political strategy involves placating an imaginary white suburban centrist couple, decided to open negotiations with Donald Trump for a border wall by offering only $1.6 billion and not $6 billion to build it, rather than, you know, rightly denouncing such a wall as a moral atrocity.

The Miami Herald published a long feature on Jeffrey Epstein, whose notoriety as someone who definitely trafficked children for sex and had a number of powerful people on flight records of his “Lolita Express” ( ) has been one of the worst-kept secrets around powerful circles for some time. Read about how Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta cut Epstein an unprecedented and absurdly sweetheart deal, most likely to protect other powerful people Epstein would have named.

Donald Trump turns around his motorcade and goes back to his hotel at the Argentina G20 summit. No verification of the rumor that he pooped his pants, although if you want to contribute to this week’s open question, it’s on a similar topic:

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