The Racist, Sexist Dudebros of the Democratic Party are at it again

All your Favorite Woke Liberal Journalists spent most of the last three weeks decrying the opposition to Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, because, after all, there’s absolutely no reason anyone would object to a 78-year-old multimillionaire whose stated objectives are to compromise with Trump and to gut Congress’ ability to pass social programs, other than ageism and sexism.

(Granted, it didn’t help that the actual organized opposition to Pelosi was challenging her from the right.)

Many of the people critical of Pelosi from the left supported Barbara Lee for Speaker; Lee is one of the few Representatives to consistently demonstrate moral courage and conviction in her time in the House. She is probably most well known for her vote against the blanket Authorized Use of Military Force after 9/11, being the sole member of the House to vote against it; it’s a vote that got her death threats at the time.

Lee, however, elected to run for the position of Democratic Caucus Chair, a decision she announced back in July. It seemed like a great fit if she didn’t want the Speaker position.

However, today it was announced that Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, part of the New York Democratic machine that’s kept people like Andrew Cuomo and Joe Crowley in power for so long, narrowly defeated Lee for the position, after announcing his intentions three weeks ago.

Strange that this worked; Lee is 72, but calls to replace Pelosi with younger leadership are consistently met with charges of ageism.

So who is Hakeem Jeffries, exactly?

Oh. Swell.

Strangely, the most vocal people regarding the challenges to Pelosi, the most vocal water-carriers for the Democratic Party’s version of rich-white-lady feminism, have been entirely silent about the late-rising challenge to and defeat of Lee:

It’s almost like the Democratic Party and its enablers don’t actually care about women, especially black women. It’s almost like their calls of sexism are cynical. It’s almost like their version of feminism only cares about the Three Whites: white women, white collar, and white wine.