The latest coordinated smear on Bernie Sanders, featuring Politico and the Warren campaign

A poll released on Friday showed Bernie Sanders leading Iowa for the first time. On Saturday, a story was run in Politico, by Sanders reporter Holly Otterbein and Warren reporter Alex Thompson.

Now, this allegation was immediately refuted by a number of Sanders volunteers, who had canvassed, phone banked, and texted for him and never seen any such script as this. It eventually came out that a random volunteer uploaded the script to Slack, whereupon it was rejected by he campaign and other volunteers.

Somehow, it leaked from this to Politico, who immediately ran with it.

But what’s more, Elizabeth Warren and her new surrogate Julian Castro immediately seized the opportunity…

…and weirdly, a whole lot of Politico’s staff seems to be trying to coordinate this attack on Bernie Sanders.

(“Bernie trolls”– good old Objective Journalism at work!)

How was the Warren camp so prepared for this story? Did they coordinate with Politico? Is Politico in the tank for Elizabeth Warren? There’s some evidence…

So we have what appears to be a manufactured, coordinated controversy between Politico and the Warren campaign in an attempt to smear Bernie Sanders.

And we’ve seen in the past that Politico will resort to outright anti-semitism in their Sanders coverage. Hell, they don’t even care when their own coverage contradicts itself, manufacturing a controversy about something their own reporters have said:

Might their editorial direction be influenced by ownership? Say, if they were founded by a millionaire banker who made his money in shady ways?

And the New York Times picked this up, too, letting “a top Warren endorser” speak anonymously, somehow engaging in the same “divisive” behavior anti-Bernie Democrats constantly accuse Sanders of, and once again trying to push an absolutely ahistorical retelling of the 2016 primary:

The Warren campaign and the anti-Bernie media are getting desperate. Don’t be discouraged. If anything, this means they realize we’re a genuine threat. (Luke Savage predicted this in Jacobin this week.) Keep organizing, volunteering, canvassing, phone banking, and the rest. We’re going to win if we can get everyone who’s passionate about Bernie 2020 to dedicate some energy to the on-the-ground effort.