Off Topic

Off Topic Asks: What is Something Everyone Likes That You Don’t?

Books, films, music, genres, franchise properties, the collected works of Stephen King, games or anything else… Something you have just never been able to get into even though everyone sings its praise.

For me, the first item that comes to mind is horror fiction which, after recent attempts to watch and like really well done examples like The Witch and The Badabook, I’ve come to accept that my general disinterest in horror/gore is more than just overexposure to terrible horror films, of which there have been plenty. Now and then, I’ll make exceptions for pulpier stuff like vampires and zombie fiction simply because I think I’ve been conditioned by their prevalence in the cultural zeitgeist to just like those. I also sometimes enjoy when a film/tv show mixes horror elements in with another genre but I especially reserve my most potent expression of hate for the horror/sci-fi genre in film which, in my opinion, has spawned maybe one good film in the last four decades and that film is Ridley Scott’s Alien.

Add your examples or anything else you’d like to discuss.