Off Topic

Off Topic Would Like to Judge You For Your Problematic Faves

Today’s Off Topic would like to hear some of your favorite pop culture things that have at times in the past been canceled for various reasons.

What’s forgivable? What isn’t? Can art truly be separated from the artist? Is there a threshold to how much collateral damage is acceptable to other people’s livelihoods when a production is tainted by the actions of one person?

Me… I have no problematic faves. Sorry to disappoint. I make no apologies for anything I like because frankly, nothing and no one I like has ever been called out or canceled. I pore through reams of meticulous research beforehand to ensure that nothing I consume has ever been touched at any point during the creative process by anyone who might later turn out to be a piece of shit or have a bad take on the big issue of the day or both.

So let’s hear some of your examples. Let’s have a discussion about them or whatever else you’d like to talk about. It’s another Off Topic!