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The Mercatus Center report on Bernie Sanders’ latest Medicare For All bill finding that M4A could save Americans up to 2 trillion dollars in healthcare spending is in the news again. Wouldn’t you know, it’s because the thing Matt Breunig cautioned might happen in his Jacobin piece on the report, actually happened.

Enter Jake Tapper, who over the last few days has been digging his heels deeper after being called out for shitty, erroneous reporting from his newsdesk over the Koch-funded think-tank’s actual findings. As predicted, the study’s author released the study with every intention of dangling the shiny object that is its 32.6 trillion dollar price tag in MSM journalists’ faces and watching them act accordingly.

Understandably, you may not have been following this whole saga as it unfolded so here’s a tweet thread from the author of the bill himself pointing out the ways in which Tapper and the other fact-checkers he cites to bolster his terrible reporting actually got it wrong by relying on the Koch-funded author of the study rather than just looking at the study itself:

Click through any of the tweets for the full thread as well as another attempt by Tapper to excuse his mistake by basically throwing his hands up and going, “everyone else fell for it, don’t pick on just me.”

Other Items this week (just tweets mostly, that kind of week):

Amy Siskind’s mask finally slid off last week, revealing behind it… Amy Siskind. The type of resister who turned a blind eye to fascism until Trump became president, who voted McCain in 2008 and encouraged a Palin presidential run in 2012, who openly admires Michele Bachmann, who now smears black women as Russian assets and sends her followers after them for getting smart to her grift. Imani Gandy (who’s has her own litany of issues, let-them-fight.gif, etc etc) and the other #resistance figures just finding this out would have known this long ago if they didn’t shut off their ears to everyone who could’ve pointed it out to them.

There’s a name for this particular brand of white liberal feminism – Party Unity My Ass (PUMA) – and Siskind has been at the forefront of the movement as far back as 2008 when a notable number (about 20%, compared to the 12% of Bernie voters who deflected to Trump) of democrats deflected after Hillary lost the primary and chose to support McCain instead in the general:

From Clinton to Palin to Bachmann: Why some Dems now support GOP women

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez held a town hall to give her community’s most vulnerable members a chance to voice their concerns. Journalists didn’t particularly like being excluded even after it was pointed out that ICE has in the past used a news report to track down an immigrant who spoke to the media.

Turns out the nazi grandpa guy was catfishing other online nazis in effort to own libs

As someone who’s still a fan, this is honestly more devastating to me than the Krass Bros’ weird FBI erotica/children’s book:

Michael Shannon had the only good take from an actor on Trump this week (thread)

No lies detected:

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