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Medicare For All could save up to 2 trillion dollars in healthcare spending according to a report by *squints* libertarian think-tank Mercatus Center.
Jacobin has a fairly detailed rundown but some things worth highlighting:

  • The finding was borne out of an attempt by Mercatus Center to appraise Bernie Sander’s latest M4A bill
  • The study looks at how much the country will spend on healthcare between 2022 and 2031
  • While national health spending will dip considerably ($2.054 trillion to be exact), federal health spending will have to pick up the slack, shooting up to $32.6 trillion in the ten-year period examined by the study. While this seems like a big number, it more or less amounts to the sum Americans are already paying in premiums, deductibles, copay, etc and will take the form of a tax that is “on average, a bit less than they currently pay into the health care system and, for those on lower incomes, a lot less.”
  • If you’re wondering why a conservative think-tank would so readily make these findings available, it’s because they’re counting on news outlets to become so gobsmacked by the $32.6 trillion cost in federal health expenditure that they pepper all their headlines with it, delivering little by way of elaboration.

Full article here: Even Libertarians Admit Medicare for All Would Save Trillions

Jeff Sessions announced yesterday the formation of the Religious Liberty Tax Force. Few things are more obvious than the real reason behind this action (protect the Christian Rights’ ability to discriminate based on sexual orientation among other things) but as these types of overtures have been mainstreamed in recent years, we should be seeing more of it.

Jeff Sessions Announces New Religious Liberty Tax Force

Kamala Harris rolled out a new proposal to guarantee housing for every American with a full-time job. While we should rightfully call her out for getting the messaging wrong here, it’s worth noting that this seems to be an error that has tripped up progressive candidates in the recent past.

Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian teenager who spent eight months in an Israeli jail after video of her slapping an Israeli soldier surfaced, is still stateless and without basic rights like most Palestinians living in the West Bank, but she’s finally been released. In her address to waiting supporters, she spoke of other Palestinian children in Israeli jails being denied basic rights. It’s encouraging to see that her spirit hasn’t been broken. Also, it’s easy to forget this is the person the Israeli government made public enemy #1 for almost a year:

Palestinian teen activist Ahed Tamimi freed from jail

Shot: Lebron James opened a public school for at-risk kids

Chaser: KPS graduate ‘crushed’ after she was denied Kalamazoo Promise

The highest of fives to this comrade: Someone untied Betsy Devos’s yacht in Ohio. Damage ensued

Barbara Lee’s Bid for House Leadership Could Usher in Ideological Shift for Democrats

Bernie Sanders introduces bill to end Money Bail

Elsewhere on the Leftorium:

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Who Is America?, Episode 3

Detroiters S2E7, “Lois”

AMC Announces Chris Hardwick Will Return to Host Talking Dead

New Campaign Ad for Kaniela Ing – “A New Possible”

Upcoming Primaries:

Michiganders, get this guy on the democratic ticket! Election is one week from now:

Missourians, vote Cori Bush next week!

Vancouver, get Dorothy Gasque on the ballot.

Kaniela Ing for Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District. August 11th.

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