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The Leftorium – Valentine’s Day Edition

This week on the Leftorium, we’re pretending we meant for this to go up on Valentine’s Day and not yesterday as usual. Be cool. Look at all the pretty roses we got for you!

In keeping with the theme, try to imagine valentine’s day specific leftist content down here:

In the News this week:

The Olympics are taking place this week in Pyeongchang, with North Korea competing and taking the opportunity to further talks with South Korea and there have been some takes. Boy have there been takes. What are some of yours?

Kirsten Gillibrand has announced that she will no longer take donations from corporate PACs. A step in the right direction but is it enough? Can she be taken at face value?

Megan McArdle Fails Up.

NYT Hires (and then fires) a Nazi-Sympathizer

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What else is going on in your pocket of the world?