Chuck Todd takes over the Bernie Derangement Syndrome media power rankings

Short post today:

I didn’t think anyone could compete with Chris Matthews nearly breaking down in tears in an unhinged rant claiming President Bernie Sanders would execute people in Central Park:

(Aside, the truly revealing part here is Matthews’ claim that he remembers the Cold War– unintentionally hilarious, as though being a broadcast journalist makes him a veteran, but more to the point, he’s still fighting the Cold War in his mind. The oldest millennials were children when the Berlin Wall fell. Unlike Chris Matthews, we’re fighting the battles of the present day, not the ones that consumed his first 40-something years of life.)

But Chuck Todd, that grease spot the wheels of power occasionally run over when they need a little lubrication, managed to finally go off the deep end and make the most outrageous comparison possible: Bernie Sanders– the Jewish presidential candidate who comes from a family of Holocaust victims and survivors– and his supporters are literal Nazis.

Already, people are calling for Todd to apologize and resign over his comments.

Of course, if you think he will, I’ll be happy to place a bet with you on that outcome.

We’ve been tracking liberal and media anti-semitism directed toward Bernie here for a while now; this escalation was no surprise, merely an inevitable outcome as Sanders grows in popularity. Keep organizing and volunteering, especially if you’ve got the means to help get out the vote in New Hampshire tomorrow.