A.P. Bio Season 2, Episode 5, “J’accuse”

Another short writeup as it’s really almost time for the next episode. The last two weeks I’ve been traveling and unable to see the episodes on time. That should not be a problem the next few weeks, at least. But I wanted to at least get a place up for episode discussion for people who have been waiting for one.

Most of the episode is focused on the teachers, as they attend Michelle’s annual murder mystery party; everyone is in costume as each other, which is a fun wrinkle. (Helen is doing Jack, and you can imagine how he feels about that; meanwhile, Jack does a pretty good Coach Novak.) This is mostly a storyline that serves to further the Jack-Lynette connection, as she set the record for fastest to solve the mystery last year, and Jack is determined to impress her by beating it. He does– sort of– but then blows it when they’re alone by talking about how much he hates Toledo and can’t wait to leave.

Meanwhile, Sarika convinces the other kids not to go to Target for their usual Friday night hot dogs, but to break back into school and steal the AP Bio (hey, that’s the name of the show!) practice exams from Jack’s desk. This leads to some mayhem, Sarika’s desire to be a high achiever vs. everyone else thinking she doesn’t have any fun– so she gives in a bit and has some fun on the escapade, which leads to them having to run from a security guard– and they drop the exams on the way. Sarika is worried people don’t like her, but they do. Aw.


Didn’t expect to hear “snatching V-cards” on my TV this week, but Heather’s already got big plans for college.

What did everyone else think?