A.P. Bio Season 2 Episode 4, “Toledo’s Top 100”

I’ll keep this brief since it’s so late in the week. In this episode, a local magazine releases their list of Toledo’s Top 100 Bachelors. Jack is celebrating his appearance on the list… until Durbin comes in and discloses that he’s on the list, too, and at #8! Jack is at #86, which perturbs him– as he finds out, due in part to Helen’s typically Helen-style profile of him that was submitted– so he tries to manipulate the writer into putting him on the list, which ends up getting Durbin kicked off the list. Of course, Jack has to fix this, because Durbin has been such a good friend to him (and because making the list might be the first good thing to happen to Durbin in his life). Jack’s willingness to sell out his dignity for Durbin shows Jack’s caring side again, revealed despite himself.

Meanwhile, Victor and Eduardo are engaged in a very bizarre B-plot about learning to get girls. It starts with them practicing kissing their own hands. Then… each other’s. Then Eduardo starts pitching a rehearsed pickup speech to the girls in the class, while Victor buys Stef an expensive bag. The Victor-Stef plot is weirdly funny– weirdly in that it toes a certain line of discomfort given the age/power difference and the physical contact (which isn’t really salacious, just… well, again, weird). And Eduardo finally has some luck with Grace once he drops the pretense and just gets honest.

Apologies for the brief writeup, but feel free to comment below with your observations and favorite moments. I did like this episode.


“Heather, when I die, you’re getting it all.”

If I have time, I’ll put up a GIF of that moment and the transcript of Heather’s bio of Jack.

Back on something resembling a more normal schedule this week.