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This week it came to light that the North Carolina GOP orchestrated brazen electoral fraud in its 9th congressional district.

The issue involves voting irregularities during the GOP primary that ended up giving the race to Mark Harris and a Leslie McCrae Dowless who worked in Harris’s primary and general election. I’ll admit that like most of the country, I haven’t been paying as much attention to this as it warrants. Harris’ Democrat challenger in the general Dan McCready has now withdrawn his concession and it seems this may be a repeat of what happened in Georgia.

Republican officials had early warnings of voting irregularities in North Carolina

In a similar vein, the Wisconsin GOP, in an attempt to undercut the effectiveness of the incoming Democrats who won every statewide race, passed last minute laws to weaken the office of Governor and Attorney General. If more and more people are beginning to lose faith in electoral politics, this is another in a long list of reasons.

Scott Walker Leaves As He Came, With Extreme Power Grabs

Lastly, The Sanders Institute held its annual gathering in Burlington, Vermont last week, bringing together progressive leaders from all around to world to discuss strategies and steps for a more progressive future. Panelists included: Naomi Klein, Nina Turner, Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico Carmen Yulin Cruz, Actor and Activist Danny Glover, Dr. Cornel West, RoseAnn DeMoro, Susan Sarandon.

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