This Week on The Leftorium

This week, the Proud Boys got probably their first real introduction to people who aren’t extremely online and, as expected, the police as well as the media wittingly assisted them.

In the wake of them violently ganging up on protesters minutes after their incel king Gavin McInnes’s RNC speaking engagement, the first arrests by NYPD didn’t include any of them but were instead of counter protesters. The police literally had to be browbeaten into investigating the people actually responsible for the violence. Meanwhile, Fox News fabricated a report about Antifa being responsible for it complete with footage of McInnes who’s been on their network several times. Unwilling to sit idly by and allow Fox News to take up the brunt of public ire, the New York Times swooped in with another one of its signature Nazi-sanitizing puff pieces on McInnes. Did you know that it was possible for a brooklyn hipster to later in life become a white nationalist? Who knew? Definitely worth another article in the paper of record.

Other stuff that happened

Hillary Clinton set the #MeToo movement straight on its incorrect inclusion of her husband in its list of abusers. Any attempts to get her to explain herself further is sexist and misogynist and how fucking dare you disrespect the queen?

It’s all but confirmed that Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi was dismembered while still alive at the behest of MBS and the Saudi government, yet Trump and Pompeo are still determined to inflict the word “disappearance” on the public consciousness.

Elizabeth Warren released a DNA test showing her Cherokee lineage and it didn’t go as she expected.

Elsewhere on the Leftorium

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What else happened on your side of hellworld?