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The Kavanaugh saga continues.

Opposition to Kavanaugh grows, support at historic low: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Republicans Plan to Push Ahead on Kavanaugh Confirmation

The werthers original from Michelle Obama didn’t work! Exclusive: Bush reaffirms support for Kavanaugh

Bari Weiss doesn’t think what he did is nearly half as bad as voicing support for Palestine, which as we all know is a fireable offense.

Toad dick

It’s in. It’s out. We had some laughs. Once again, Mr. President sir have you no decency sir!? etcetera etcetera.

Stormy Daniels recounts alleged tryst with Trump in salacious detail, describes President’s privates as a ‘toadstool’ with ‘Yeti pubes’

Hillary Clinton—our last line of defense against Russia!

In other HRC news, with a net worth of 45 million, it seemingly hasn’t occurred to Clinton that she could cover her dedicated staffer’s medical bill rather than have him beg through gofundme. (Kamala Harris, whose campaign he’s now working on, also seems to be passing the buck.) Also, keep in mind, Hillary still has yet to capitulate on single payer like a growing number of dem lawmakers have. Is this an irony? Is this a monumental lack of self awareness?

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia S13E2, “The Gang Escapes”


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