Off Topic

Off Topic with Belladonna

Atropa Belladonna, or deadly nightshade, is a really poisonous plant that is native to Europe, Northern Africa, and parts of the Caucasus region. It has made its way to the US, and has been a bit of a stickler for me lately. Belladonna has been used in both assassinations in ancient Rome and to tip poison arrows. Women would often put it in their eyes to dilate their pupils because they thought it made them look hot for whatever reason. It contains scopolamine and atropine, and ingestion can, at best, send you on a bad hallucinogenic trip, and at worst, send you into cholinergic crisis and kill you. It’s some nasty stuff. It’s been growing over my fence from the park behind my house, and into other neighbors’ yards, so I decided a melodramatic email to the city about its removal might get things taken care of. Looks like I was right: just look at this beauty. If you ever need a problem taken care of, just mention ancient murders and assassinations in your complaint and it will keep your council people and mayor on their toes and make them do their damn jobs. Democracy in action, people!

So what’s on your mind this fine Friday afternoon?