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A U.S.-backed, Saudi-led coalition blew up a schoolbus in Yemen last Thursday, killng at least 29 schoolchildren between the ages of 6 and 15. They were returning from summer camp when coalition airstrikes hit the market they’d stopped briefly at. You’d be hard-pressed to find articles or news reports leading with the fact that this was the work of a U.S.-sponsored operation.

U.S.-Backed Coalition Bombs School Bus, Killing Dozens of Yemeni Kids (CW)

A tiger cannot change it’s stripes, it seems. After only two months of holding out, the DNC is back in business with the oil and gas lobby.

The DNC reverses its ban of receiving donations from the Fossil Fuel Industry

Accusations of domestic abuse surfaced over the weekend against Keith Ellison, who is on the ballot today for Attorney General in Minneapolis. Details are still coming out but it looks bad.

Keith Ellison denies allegations of domestic abuse of ex-girlfriend

In other MN-related news, vote Ilhan Omar today, Minneapolis!

Other Items:

Ben Shapiro is almost a week into his meltdown over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez refusing his creepy-ass $10K debate offer. Here’s a handful of people on the left who’ve been asking for a debate with Shapiro for two years, which he’s flat out ignored:

Stray Thoughts: Ben Shapiro, Bad Arguments in The Atlantic

Kaniela Ing lost his bid Saturday for Congress in Hawaii’s 1st district.

Yesterday would’ve been Fidel Castro’s 91st birthday.

Just so I have an excuse to post this thing I did while bored at work yesterday, Omarosa seems to have the uh… receipts?

Primary wins we missed last week

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