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This week, we’re highlighting a few progressive candidates running for office in various state and national races. Also, we’re trading podcast recommendations.

Candidate: Abdul El-Sayed, running for Governor in Michigan

About: Public health worker/advocate. Michigan born and bred. Family migrated from Egypt. Captained high school football, lacrosse and wrestling teams. UMich. Rhodes Scholar.

Issues: $15 Minimum Wage. Single Payer Advocate. Pro-choice. Eliminate gender pay-gap. Corporate $$ out of politics. Free college for families earning under $150K. Universal Pre-K. LGBTQ+ protections. Criminal Justice Reform. Legalize Marijuana. End Right-to-Work.


Candidate: Cori Bush, running for U.S. Congress in Missouri’s 1st Congressional District

About: Mental Health RN. Single Mom. St. Louis Native. Ferguson Activist. Former Early Childhood Educator. Ordained Pastor. Community Organizer. Experienced homelessness first-hand. Survivor of sexual assault and domestic violence. “Incremental change is no change at all when her patients can’t afford medication, and families are struggling to put food on the table and find justice in the streets.”

Issues: Education Reform. Medicare for All. Economic Opportunity for All. Criminal Justice Reform. Women’s Rights. $15 Minimum Wage. Police Reform. Housing Reform. DREAM Act. LGBT+ Rights. Gun Reform. End Corporate Influence in Politics.


Candidate: Julia Salazar, running for State Senate SD18 (North Brooklyn)

About: local DSA leader. UAW member. Community Organizer. Daughter of working-class immigrants. Social justice advocate.

Issues: Housing. Criminal Justice Reform. Free healthcare. Reproductive Justice. Free College Tuition. Public Schools. Collective Bargaining Rights. Protect Union Jobs. DREAM Act. Immigrant Rights. Ban ICE access to courtrooms. Transit Reform. Campaign Finance Reform. Climate Change.

Salazar For Senate


Candidate: Kerri Evelyn Harris, running for U.S. Senate in Delaware

About: Air Force Veteran. Educator. Community Organizer. Katrina Relief Volunteer.

Issues: Single Payer/M4A. Ban on price-gouging. Women’s Right-to-Choose. $15 Minimum Wage. Earned sick leave for all workers. Jobs Guarantee. Strengthening Union Rights. Student Loan Forgiveness/Reduction. Criminal Justice Reform. Education Reform. Environmental Justice.





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