ResistanceHole and Missing the Point

One of the most fascinating things I’ve come across, and by “fascinating” I mean “idiotic”, is the moderate and McResistance’s reaction to Resistancehole. Oh, they love the Onion. They absolutely adored when Clickhole came up with PatriotHole, making fun of the right. But now they are shining a lens on the McResistance. You know the ones. The people with the Drumpf caps, who think everything Rachel Maddow says is gospel. The folks who praise the likes of David Frum and Evan McMullin, despite them having the same shitty opinions they always had. They just aren’t Trump fans, so welcome to the McResistance, guys!

Many have gone so far to say that ReistanceHole is a conservative takedown of liberals. You know, the same liberals who fancy themselves leftists but are centrists at heart. But let’s take a gander here at some of these headlines, shall we?

Can someone, anyone, sufficiently explain to me what is conservative about this? You have condemnation of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and the apartheid state, while pointing out that Trump is simply doing things similar to Obama when it comes to this wretched, evil war. But oh no, this must have come from the mind of someone who hates Mistress Liberty and anyone who isn’t a liberal. Obviously.


One of the more annoying habits of the McResistance is turning everything into a Harry Potter metaphor. I am not a fan myself, which perhaps makes it even more irritating. But there are so many damn social media posts about Trump being Voldemort or whomever. So what does ResistanceHole do? They take this to its logical conclusion. Oh, the horror! And where are all the tweets and thinkpieces about Trump being, I don’t know, The Judge from Blood Meridian, or perhaps Tyrell from Blade Runner?

Another fun one is people posting videos or anecdotes of their racist relatives saying shit, hoping to go viral. So they jumped on that train here too. Those posts are up there with the “you wouldn’t believe what my blastocyst said about Trump and veganism. She’s already a genius and she’s not even out yet!” But again, no evidence of conservatism here, just making fun of the obnoxious centrists. People who like movements that stay in stasis, and like to win internet points for fake debates they had with people that either don’t exist or they haven’t seen in years.

This one just got a genuine chuckle out of me. You have factions saying “don’t kinkshame him for piss play”, assuming the tape exists, and wanting the tape desperately to come out to embarrass him and, I don’t know, impeach him for something with urinating Russian sex workers? Still haven’t worked out the details on that one. It’s tied into the Steele dossier, but the video itself has essentially reached cryptid status at this point. Making fun of the McResistance’s obsession with the pee tape is a low hanging fruit, but damn if it isn’t funny.

Much of the time, the McResistance makes me think of the phony hippies Frank Zappa sang about. The ones who weren’t in it for the peace and love and music, but drugs and fashion. A lot of these people aren’t resisting a damn thing. They retweet tweets that have been plagiarized multiple times before, or pictures from weird angles making it look like Justin Trudeau’s dog is about to tear Trump apart. They argue with anyone who disagrees with their view that a certain former presidential candidate was all knowing and perfect, and you were a sexist, racist, anti-semite if you supported a Jewish Democratic Socialist from Vermont. They complain about the tactics of Antifa when they are up against Nazis. Nazis! When the original Antifa was around, and similar groups like the Polish Underground (which my paternal grandparents belonged to, and eventually imprisoned for) they didn’t just throw a punch here and there. They cut brake lines, supply lines, blew things up, and went into the woods and shot Nazis. But the McResistance sees Antifa, the left, and ResistanceHole as the enemy. Folks like to say that the left eats itself alive. But the people who are trashing us and misconstruing ResistanceHole? Those people aren’t on the left. 30 years ago, they’d be republicans voting for George H.W. Bush.