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The Leftorium for This Week

This week on the Leftorium, we take a look at:

Democratic lawmakers’ general reluctance to condemn Israel for the latest deadly attacks at the Gaza border (juxtaposed with Chuck Schumer commending Trump on relocating the Embassy to Jerusalem).

Gina Haspel gains some support among Democrats.

The FBI’s Black Identity Extremist program and its first target.

Monica Lewinsky is disinvited from an event once Bill Clinton invites himself to the same event.

Dick Cheney wants to bring back torture.

John McCain helped John Bolton win nomination as U.S. Ambassador out of the goodness of his heart.

Highlights from a new book by Amy Chozik on the 2008 and 2016 Clinton campaigns.

Louise Mensch calls #MeToo a Russian psyop.

Cynthia Nixon proposes Marijuana reform as a step toward reparations.

Kirsten Gillibrand proposes that a more gender-diverse Lehmann Brothers would’ve prevented the 2008 Financial Collapse.

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Nathan Robinson’s Analysis of the Real Intellectual Dark Web


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