Hey Hey, It’s a Barry Thread

We’re through three episodes of the Bill Hader… uh, dark comedy? Dramedy? I don’t know how to describe this show… Barry, starring Hader as a hitman who decides he wants to become an actor, Stephen Root as his handler, and Henry Winkler as his acting coach.

Barry’s a fascinating character because his competence and capability are in a completely soul-deadening profession, while he’s found some spark of passion and joy of living in a field he is, so far, utterly terrible at (in part because the demands of the former completely cripple his ability to be in touch with the emotions needed for the latter). That, of course, just scratches the surface of what the show is about.

“Chapter Three: Make the Unsafe Choice” aired tonight; with Barry’s connection to Sally, we see him take another step of slowly opening up to the world and to being a human… at the same time we see Fuches negotiate with the Chechens for his and Barry’s continued survival. (This, after his sell on the Chechens’ newest import, legendary hitman Stovka, to let them go and start a new life, ends with Stovka committing suicide.) Plus, we get the howlingly funny moment of Gene hitting on the detective investigating Ryan’s murder.

I’m not going to write full reviews, most likely, simply because time won’t permit me to, but this is a fascinating show with great performances all around, and deserves more notice. I got enough feedback for a trial thread; if we get enough participation, we’ll go weekly.

Who’s watching? What do you think so far? What’d you think of tonight’s episode? What themes and ideas does this show prompt you to think about and want to discuss? I want to hear it all!