Daily Politics Thread

The Leftorium forms The Joe Kennedy III for America Exploratory Committee

In the news the week, Joe Kennedy III has been tapped by the democrats to deliver the rebuttal to Trump’s State of The Union address and, naturally, there’s talk already of the young representative being primed to run for higher office in the near future. It’s good that, as a country, it has been decided for us that we would be better off as a monarchy with House Clinton, House Bush and House Kennedy foisting their latest changelings on us every few election cycles. Rather than waste more time arguing that, let’s have a brief look at Representative Kennedy’s politics. Against marijuana legalization, even for medical purposes. Against single-payer. Against M4A. Very much pro wall street. The one thing remarkable about him, it turns out, is his name and his age and that he’s a white, privileged, cis-male, all things the democrat establishment is quick to decry in candidates who aren’t with the program. But hey, when all else fails, drag out a Kennedy.

In other news:

The DCCC has something akin to a donor-test for aspiring candidates and it’s basically prioritizing candidates with ties to high-dollar donors.

From the same article, for the same reason, the party is throwing its support behind an anti-abortion candidate in Nebraska over a pro-choice progressive.

California’s Single Payer debate is in the news again.

In addition to shouting out activist bitches and reading excerpts from Fire and Fury at the Grammys, Hillary Clinton has once again graced our collective consciousness with new revelations that during her 2008 campaign, she vetoed recommendations by her staff and allowed her Faith Advisor Burn Strider to keep his position after it was revealed he’d been sexually harassing a female staffer. What’s worse, the staffer was quietly relocated. In acknowledging this news, Clinton somehow found a way to make the staffer’s harassment about herself and feminist bonafides, drawing inspiration from Kevin Spacey’s statement after his sexual misconduct was made public. A few months ago, it was also brought to light that Lena Dunham of all people warned the Clinton camp about associating with Harvey Weinstein but was also ignored. Is there a pattern here? Discuss?

International Politics:

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the UK’s Labour Party and drifter-socialist your parents warned you about, recently pledged to provide 8,000 homes to “rough sleepers.” He was quoted as wanting to giving the social priorities of the country’s housing industry more attention. The proposal aims to accomplish this by opening vacant homes to the homeless. Here in the US, there are more vacant homes than there are homeless people.

In July, Mexico will be voting in a new president and the current front-runner is leftist populist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO). His campaign holds significance for a familiar narrative being pushed by the likes of H.R. McMaster about foreign intervention from, you guessed it, Russia. So far, evidence of said meddling in favor of AMLO has yet to be unearthed but I think we’re just supposed to take McMaster at his word because the idea of a U.S. official stoking fears of foreign intervention in service of actually meddling in Mexico’s elections is highly uncharacteristic of the U.S. and you’re crazy to even think that could happen. It should also be noted that fears of possible electoral fraud by the current reigning party PRI in favor of their candidate seem more warranted.

In Afghanistan last week, more than 100 people were killed in a bombing in Kabul and the Taliban have claimed responsibility. Last May a previous bombing resulted in 150+ dead, the deadliest since the invasion in 2001. In the time between these two tragedies, more troops have been pledged to the occupation, which is officially now old enough to marry in some states.

In this week’s art section, we’re highlighting Norman Rockwell:

And lastly, in science news, the Leftorium is currently on the precipice of producing a Clinton-Kennedy hybrid through genetic splicing. Once complete, we will have what Imperator Furryosa has deemed the Ultimate Democrat. They will win all the elections.