The Mick S2E7, “The Homecoming”

Sort of a test here to see if people are still watching The Mick. It’s not being reviewed anywhere online as far as I can tell (not the AV Club, not Vulture, not “anything that shows up in a Google search for ‘The Mick recaps'”).

Anyway, I’ve been sticking with it since I think Kaitlin Olson is really funny in general and specifically that this show has a great cast that’s a lot of fun to watch. I meant to post reviews more frequently, but since I had the rare occasion of actually getting to watch live for a change, I figured now was as good a time as any. If we get enough views / comments, I’ll get back to turning these out regularly.

It turns out Jimmy was a star baseball pitcher in high school, and they’re returning to Warwick, Rhode Island, Jimmy and Mickey’s home town, for a ceremony where the school retires his number. It turns out Jimmy lost his college scholarship when he “burned his ass off”; of course, it’s revealed that Mickey was the one who did it, a bottle rocket prank gone awry.

Meanwhile, Sabrina and Chip wander the city; Chip’s track record of being the biggest wuss on the planet continues unabated, as he gets his shoes stolen by a couple of kids. Alba leans into the high school feel of it all, which is pretty delightful. Ben has a lot of insight on what Jimmy teaches him about the importance of the ass to pitching. And the twist that happens at the ceremony is pretty telegraphed, but still pretty funny.

Really strong moment at the end, where I thought Jimmy was going to flip the switch and forgive Mickey when she finally called him her boyfriend. But he doesn’t; it’s too little, too late for him, and he walks home alone. It’ll be interesting to see how or if this changes the dynamic going forward between them. (I don’t think Jimmy’s moving out of the fancy new house they moved into at the end of “The Matriarch” anytime soon.)

I also enjoyed that Chip went through on pressing charges against the kids. A wussy suckup to authority to the end.

What did everyone else think? Have there been any recent episodes you’ve seen that you’d like to discuss? Is anyone else still watching this?