Liberals, Joe Biden, and #MeToo

This weekend, Lucy Flores, former Nevada assemblywoman and 2014 Democratic candidate to be the state’s lieutenant governor, published a story about her encounter with Joe Biden.


Biden, of course, has a long, well-documented history of creepy, inappropriate, invasive, violating behavior towards women. (And girls! Like, young girls!)


(Yes, it’s depressing that I have to link to a Toilet Paper USA contributor’s thread on Biden, but it’s not like any liberals were gathering the evidence of his creepiness.)

And here’s how liberals reacted to Lucy Flores telling her story.


Just to throw in a couple of rebuttals to that last one so this isn’t completely depressing.

Once again, “believe women” takes a back seat to “defend powerful men.” (And, of course, it takes a back seat to “make this about Bernie Sanders somehow and attack him.”)

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