The McResistance Comes to Amazon’s Aid

Once again, it has fallen to the McResistance to defend Amazon founder and billionaire-underdog Jeff Bezos from attacks against him and his company by Trump and Vermont Senator Bernard Sanders whom, as we all know, is exactly the same as Trump and isn’t even a democrat! Jeff Bezos would much rather have people go homeless than have to pay a single dollar in taxes but these are strange times and the McResistance is in desperate need of heroes.

Normally, this shouldn’t warrant much concern from leftists who know that this specific subset of the resistance movement is a small minority consisting of avowed centrists who think the only problem with the current system is that there aren’t enough women in Goldman Sachs boardrooms; but due to its ties to shady democrat-backing outfits like Center for American Progress and Correct the Record, the McResistance is a very vocal minority and they have no qualms about defending the absolute worst American institutions as part of their opposition to Trump.

Trump has been in office for more than a year and in that short time, as has been hammered in by centrist twitter to the point of having no real meaning, he has made a mockery of America’s institutions and done irreparable harm to their reputations at home and abroad. Institutions like the FBI and the CIA. The McResistance champions the CIA when he calls their credibility into question. They champion the FBI when he takes to twitter to trash the principled work they do. They don’t let things like history or nuance cloud their rosy view of these institutions because now is simply not the time. There’s a fascist currently sitting in the oval office.

Will there ever be a more appropriate time to call attention to the CIA’s habit of sowing seeds of unrest everywhere it sets its sights or the FBI’s history of terrorizing civil rights movements? They’ll make a note to have that discussion when cartoon villain president is impeached and President Pence instills mandatory conversion-therapy for anyone who so much as plants a gay thought in his head.

And now, once again, the McResistance must rally around a company that treats its workers like shit, avoids paying federal taxes, and takes advantage of state and local governments through tax breaks.